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Solar Flare is heading to Texas!

On a windy but (thankfully!) very sunny day in April, the girls from the Windsor Valley Boys and Girls Clubs arrived at the STEM Education Outreach Center on Aberdeen Proving Ground for the annual Junior Solar Sprint Competition. Adrianna, Kylah, and Jordan had tested designs, recorded data, and learned about gear ratios for months. They […]


  It’s me Allison! Here to give you the latest news of STEM. From hovercrafts to Sea Perch competitions and now STEM activities at CAMP HIDDEN VALLEY! Yes you heard me correct folks, we had STEM activities at Camp Hidden Valley and it was awesome! The middle school girls who attended (like me) got to […]

See what Chika Chuku thought about the YLA program…..

Chrissandra Jackson tells us about her summer as a YLA

This has been a long summer. This summer has allowed us YLA’s to be a positive influence on the kids at the Boys & Girls Clubs in Harford County; It has also impacted our lives as young adults. I know the Aberdeen YLA’s can all agree being a part of the young leader’s academy was […]

Kaylee Meneil tell us about her YLA experience……..

The Boys & Girls Club has always been the kind of place I could call home in a way. Even when I was a club member, I always thought of the Boys & Girls Club as a place I could go to. I was very excited to work here for a second year so I […]

YLA College Trip

Before I had even went to the colleges I had no idea what it would be like because I am just going into high school and am not to even thinking about college.  The colleges totally changed my mind; at first I had an idea of going to Harford Community College because I have never […]

Buffalo Wild Wings YLA Trip

This year the summer of 2013, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Harford County took a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings at White Marsh. There we learned about waiting on tables, being greeters, working the bar, and how to sauce the wings. Everyone had fun on this trip and learned a lot about how they […]

Howard University & Maryland University

By: Shamiraqal Floyd        I believe that Howard University was a great college to tour. Walking around and touring the college made me realize how historic it was. Most of the college halls were named after historic figures, such as freedmen’s bureau. Howard University’s main hall and miner hall has played an important […]

Ahoy Mateys! at Harford Community College

Ahoy Mateys! All you landlubbers out there should have been at Harford Community College for the Army’s third annual Sea Perch competition on Saturday, May 4. Eric, Aryanna, Nicole, and I were the Black Belt Dolphins, and we built and tested an underwater robot to make it do certain missions such as the deep water […]

Hovercraft on Tour

My name is Allison and I’m going to be one of the new BGC bloggers. At the Edgewood Boys & Girls Club, we made a hovercraft last summer from plywood, an old chair, a tarp, and a leaf blower.  Now we have taken the hovercraft to schools, libraries, and other places for STEM presentations. A […]