Solar Flare is heading to Texas!


On a windy but (thankfully!) very sunny day in April, the girls from the Windsor Valley Boys and Girls Clubs arrived at the STEM Education Outreach Center on Aberdeen Proving Ground for the annual Junior Solar Sprint Competition. Adrianna, Kylah, and Jordan had tested designs, recorded data, and learned about gear ratios for months. They came with a notebook full of data, a car that worked most of the time, and an enthusiastic, determined attitude. While waiting for the competition to begin, they were asked to welcome a new team member from Cecil County Boys & Girls Clubs. Her team had not been able to come but she was there and wanted to learn more and participate. So Destani joined them and the team expanded to 4 as the competition began.

They were awarded first place in the competition, so they will attend the Junior Solar Sprint national championship held in Dallas, Texas, as a part of the Technology Students of America national convention. They will record their adventures here so you can follow along. They leave BWI on Monday morning, June 29 and return late Thursday night on July 2. Check for updates all week!!

From the girls: Many thanks to all who have helped us get ready for the trip. We are so excited and so happy to be going. THIS IS AWESOME! You are all so awesome! Thank you!

Ms. Chrissandra, our amazing coach who has taught us so much. We want to be just like her when we grow up!

Mr. Pryor, our awesome site director, who always pushes us to work hard. And has promised us ice cream sundaes at Friendly’s if we do our best.

Ms. Susan who gave us lots of food and other stuff for the trip.

Ms. Ashley who helped us finish up the car and taught us how to work like engineers.

Mr. Matt at APG who organized the entire competition and suggested Destani join our team.

To the US Army and AEOP for sending us on this wonderful amazing trip.

To the Boys & Girls Clubs for being such an awesome place to hang out after school. We LOVE our CLUB! Windsor Valley is the best!!!