YLA College Trip

Before I had even went to the colleges I had no idea what it would be like because I am just going into high school and am not to even thinking about college.  The colleges totally changed my mind; at first I had an idea of going to Harford Community College because I have never been to any big or major campuses.  When we went to the first college, Howard College, I thought “Oh this is a pretty nice college.”  Howard College was nice and neat.  We did a scavenger hunt and ran around campus looking for buildings and facts about the college.  I learned that the college has been around since the Civil War.  Howard seems smaller than most colleges, but it seems like a good school to go to.  I doubt that I would go to college there, but I never know because I still have 3-4 years before I go to college.  But then we went to the University of Maryland, College Park and it totally changed my mind.  College Park was like a luxurious place to me, it definitely made me change my mind about what college I’m going to.  What I liked about College Park is how organized it was, how if you are an in-state student it was a lot cheaper than an out of state student.  It was a mammoth college.  There was so many buildings and so much space.  The food was great, the people were nice, and the campus was pretty.  I could see myself going to college there.  Both colleges were nice but if I had to choose between one of them I would have to say University of Maryland.

ImageBy: Myah Von HaackDamani-61