2013-06-08_16-00-46_789 It’s me Allison! Here to give you the latest news of STEM. From hovercrafts to Sea Perch competitions and now STEM activities at CAMP HIDDEN VALLEY! Yes you heard me correct folks, we had STEM activities at Camp Hidden Valley and it was awesome!

The middle school girls who attended (like me) got to spend the Friday night before at the camp to help set up and prepare. Let me just say the camp is super AWESOME! We got to sleep in cabins and walk through the woods and just have fun mostly! And guess what! Our youth of the year Joi Dixon was helping too! Our awesome Mrs. Susan made this all possible. She let us come spend the night. On Saturday tons of people came. The activities were bubble science where we got to play with regular bubbles and go inside a bubble and make our own giant bubbles. I was helping with that. There was also make your own banana boats, where we used either half or a whole banana and put chocolate or marshmallows or coconut rice in it and wrapped it up in tin foil and grilled it. Then we     ate it. They were yummy! Third thing was the hovercraft and my dad Mr. Brian helped give the rides like last time at the school. Finally we got to go on a nature walk with Mr. Greg. He taught us about nature and poison ivy and a little about animals. My friends and I kept going after honey suckles which are these little flowers you can eat honey from. All you do it break the bottom green part of and drink the honey out from it—it was yummy too! After all this we held an awards ceremony for the people who helped out a lot. My dad got an award and it was from President Obama! Of course he wasn’t there but he sent the award though. They gave us free STEM shirts and my dad and other helpers got a gift bag. After all this Mrs. Susan let us all swim in the river by the trails. We skipped stones, found pretty stones and kept them, and had tons of fun. During all this stuff we ate some awesome foods and one of the desserts was a gummy worm in crushed Oreo cookie made to look like a worm in dirt it was good though. Well that’s everything, this is blogger Allison signing off. Hope you had an awesome summer and LETS GO STEM!