Chrissandra Jackson tells us about her summer as a YLA

This has been a long summer. This summer has allowed us YLA’s to be a positive influence on the kids at the Boys & Girls Clubs in Harford County; It has also impacted our lives as young adults. I know the Aberdeen YLA’s can all agree being a part of the young leader’s academy was an interesting journey. All of our journeys started in different rooms with different staff and different groups of extra-ordinary kids. My first day was chaotic because I had never worked with kids before so, I had lots of kids running up to me asking me 101 questions but I could only effectively answer two which was: My name is Miss Chrissandra and I’m a YLA.

Throughout this journey the kids were extremely energetic the entire summer. At 9o’clock the kids were already jumping off the walls. So, ill admit coming in it 9 was a little early for me but as a YLA it was so cool to see the joy in each kids’ eye as they accomplished something we would find so minuet such as: getting a gold star on a piece of artwork or answering a question correctly in the learning center. Later in the summer the kids were still excited to come and do the planned activities, but going to the STEM lab was like the icing on the cake. Therefore, working in the STEM Lab and seeing the kids so eager to learn about chemistry and robotics was by far one of my favorite experiences as a YLA.

Furthermore, I would like to thank everyone who enabled us YLA’s with the necessities of becoming great. I would specifically like to thank Mr. Brad- our teen coordinator for equipping us with the necessary tools for a successful life such as accountability, decision making, and proper work ethics. Next, a big “Thank You” goes towards the Boys & Girls Club administrators for making his program possible and allowing us to go on fun field trips. Lastly the Boys & Girls Club staff as a whole should get a huge thank you, because they not only had to deal with us, but also taught us by example the responsibility, dedication, and hard work it takes to be a leader at the Boys & Girls Club.

Overall volunteering at the BGC as a YLA was an interesting journey that taught us how to make responsible decisions and care for children. Through this program we became good leaders. All in all, we the members of this summer’s Young Leaders Academy took advantage of this great opportunity to become better young adults.