Buffalo Wild Wings YLA Trip

This year the summer of 2013, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Harford County took a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings at White Marsh. There we learned about waiting on tables, being greeters, working the bar, and how to sauce the wings. Everyone had fun on this trip and learned a lot about how they run their business on an everyday basis.
First step on our Buffalo Wild Wing trip was how to greet the guests. I learned that you always have to put on a smile no matter how you are feeling and make the guest feel as if you are happy to see them. Also to ask how many are in their party and if they will need kids menus or booster seats.
Next, we learned about waiting on tables. Waiting on tables is almost like greeting but you do a lot more. You introduce yourself to your guest, ask for drink and food orders, and then your on your way. Doesn’t sound that bad, but you will have more than one table and probably a whole section; that’s a lot to remember. Finally when the order is ready, you have to have great balance so you can carry your tray of food from the kitchen to your guest table.
Learning about the bar was one of my favorite parts of the trip; because we got to make our own lemonade. They showed us how you would measure syrup or alcohol for a drink. Bartenders us a tool called a jigger. The jigger is shaped like a rod and has two unequal sides. One side measures one equal shot and the other side measures fractions of a shot. This is definitely when those math and science skills kick in. You have to always keep the bar area clean, so no accidents occur. When we made our own lemonade we got to use the jigger and measure out a full shot of syrup for our glass, then we pressed the lemonade button, gave it a good shake, and then we had flavored lemonade. That lemonade was so good!
Finally, we hit the wing room, where we learned how Buffalo Wild Wings makes their wings. Their wings aren’t baked , they are shaken. Meaning, once the chicken is cooked they drop the wings into containers, add sauce, close the top, and shake. When you shake the wings they get more flavor on the meat verse baking.
I learned that it takes a lot to run a business and there are plenty of job opportunities. They showed us that you have to work together as a team to get the job done and always smile to let your guest know your happy to see and serve them. It’s all about guest service.
Zephinia Hill
Edgewood YLA