Ahoy Mateys! at Harford Community College

Ahoy Mateys! All you landlubbers out there should have been at Harford Community College for the Army’s third annual Sea Perch competition on Saturday, May 4. Eric, Aryanna, Nicole, and I were the Black Belt Dolphins, and we built and tested an underwater robot to make it do certain missions such as the deep water dive. The deep water dive was fun. I put most of the rings into the buckets and left some on the ground. I got a total of twenty eight points out of thirty two. Our team was awarded the highest score for the deep water dive and most improved score for the obstacle course which was pretty hard from what it seemed like. Our mentors really helped us on a lot of things; like Mr. Dan gave the girls tips and hints to make things easier when they were going through the obstacle course. Mr. Brian kept us in order and was preparing us for the judges. And we could not forget Mr. Kohlbatz!  He helped us understand the engineering design process. Aryanna and Nicole were pretty good on the second round of the obstacle course, unlike the first round which was not too successful.

We had fun on other things such as the photo booth. The photo booth was fun because everyone was acting crazy including my dad. My brother, dad, and cousin came to watch and cheer me on. I felt proud when my dad was cheering for me, knowing that I was making him happy.  We were rewarded as the best overall next to another team which was rewarded the same thing. We tied up! I was happy for my own team and for the other team.  They worked as hard as us and they deserve it too, no matter who they are.

At the end I thought to myself, ” We won! The black belt dolphins really won!”


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