Hovercraft on Tour

AllisonMy name is Allison and I’m going to be one of the new BGC bloggers.

At the Edgewood Boys & Girls Club, we made a hovercraft last summer from plywood, an old chair, a tarp, and a leaf blower.  Now we have taken the hovercraft to schools, libraries, and other places for STEM presentations. A fun nice guy who works for Raytheon named Mr. Dan and my father Mr. Brian helped us build it. Last week we presented at St. Joan of Arc School in Aberdeen for their STEM night. What was most fun to me was meeting lots of other people and helping the students make CD hovercrafts. A CD hovercraft is a CD with electrical sealant to hold on a spool of thread or a bottle cap. Then we added a balloon that made it glide as the air came out. Of course, I was not the only helper. My friend Keone was my partner at helping. Keone goes to the same school as I do and the same Boys & Girls Club and we’re both middle schoolers. He helped make CD hovercrafts and helped my dad and Mr. Dan give rides on the big hovercraft that we made last summer. After all the STEM activities, the school had a potluck dinner! It was so fun! There was tons of food and Keone and I got to play with the kids we met. I liked helping and I like STEM and I want other kids to like STEM too!



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