First Lego League…not just about a robot

First Lego League…Not Just About a Robot

by Joi D.

I enjoy the Boys & Girls Club for a number of reasons. One of them is First Lego League. When I first started FLL I thought it was all about robots and completing missions on a big table. I have come to realize that the robot, while still important, is only 1/3 of what FLL is about. I learned that the other 2/3 is about core values, gracious professionalism, presentation, and research. Core values are a set of basic rules that should be followed at all times, such as be nice to everyone, always reach for the stars, encourage others to do good work, and be polite (etc…). The research is my favorite part of FLL, besides my mentor Ms. Susan and snack time. The research is for a specific topic assigned to everyone in FLL. The topic this year is helping seniors. After we gathered the information about the topic, we have to find a creative way to present it to the judges. Most people do a skit with costumes, props, and scripts stuffed with info about their topic. To accomplish all of this we have about two meetings a week. We meet mostly on Thursdays but sometimes we meet on Saturdays.

We competed on December 15 at Digital Harbor High School in Baltimore and won the award for Core Values. Our team will be presenting our research and robot at the Edgewood library on January 15, at 6:30. Then on Saturday, January 19, we will go to UMBC and compete in the state robotics tournament. If it sounds like a lot, it is, but I still enjoy FLL.