Halloween STEM Family Night

I have a lot of fun at the Boys & Girls Clubs and with the STEM programs. But my favorite thing at the club is Family STEM Night.  I love Family STEM Night because I love STEM.  My favorite Family STEM Night was our Halloween STEM night. It took place on Oct. 26. We cooked chili, and made bread shaped like fingers, with almonds for fingernails, and had a lot of food. Then we got to see a presentation by Wildlife Adventures where we held animals like snakes, spiders, and hedgehogs. I also liked the decorations because they were cool. Then we had candy, cake, cupcakes, and chocolate covered pretzels. Without the STEM program I would probably never have held a real snake, or have seen a hedgehog in real life.

Joi D.




Ms Susan dressed up like a gypsy fortune teller and told our futures. This is a photo-shopped picture of me after I graduated from college and am working as a scientist in space.


My friend Sierra and her brother Arries held ferrets during the “Face your Fears’ session when we all had the chance to choose a different animal that usually scares us.