Not A Spectator Sport

It is hard work.  Inspiring an entire generation to realize their full potential is hard work but it is not a spectator sport.  It takes a whole community collectively working together to inspire hope and opportunity into the spirit of our young people.

On a recent visit to one of our Clubs, I encountered an elementary aged kid singing one line of the chorus from the 1976 Orleans song “Still the One.”  This little guy only knew “we’re still having fun” while playing a intense game of foosball. (A game I definitely was not willing to join and face getting beat by a nine year old!)  However, that singular moment was a reflection of a piece of a Great Future.  Two keys of the Club experience involves FUN and positive adult relationships both of which sets us apart from other agencies.  In standing at the game table, it reminded me that it simply takes one caring adult to invest either time or treasure in our most precious cargo – our kids.

What I know for sure – We can not do it alone.  Each day more than 450 young people visit our Clubs throughout the County seeking unknowingly a place to realize their own Great Future.  Now more than ever, caring adult volunteers are needed to mentor another generation.   The talents of experts with various backgrounds are needed to enhance our youth development programs and expand our reach.  As a community our collective dollars are much needed to support the programs and services provided by professional staff.

The truth is: It is hard work but it is not a spectator sport, we need as many people on the court as possible.  “We’re still having fun, and you’re still the one!”

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Tim Wills, Interim Executive Director