My Trip to the Air National Guard Base

My Trip to the Air National Guard Base by Zephinia H.

Being an YLA (Youth Leaders Academy) this summer has basically taught me how to be a junior staff. During the course of the summer we took several field trips. One of our field trips was to Warfield Air National Guard Base 175th Squadron, to learn about the day to day life of a guard member.  All of the YLA’s were excited about this trip as they learned they would be getting food and hands on experience with tools the military uses to defend our country with. This trip was especially exciting to me because it gave me a chance to learn about what my father did long ago when he was in the military.

On our trip we learned that fire fighters accomplish more than I thought. Firemen get dressed in drastically heavy equipment in under three minutes, it takes me longer than that to get dressed for the day. I learned that their equipment such as; air supply tanks, Jaws of Life, block cutters, and emergency alarms are very valuable and life saving to us and them. We even got to spray water from one of the water trucks.

After our tour of the fire department, we took a tour of the National Guard Security Office. I learned that when they say, “I have eyes everywhere,” they mean it! All I can say is they had several different cameras that showed multiple areas.

My favorite part of the trip was lunch time; you may ask why this is but as the guards passed out lunch in an air tight brown bag it was definitely different. The MRE (Meal Ready to Eat),  was in an airtight sealed brown bag  with everything you needed to eat in brown packaging that required a heating pack to warm your food up. After detailed instructions, the process was fairly easy to do, filling the packet with water, drop your meal in, and wait for it to warm up. The food was actually good, in my opinion to be stored in boxes.

When I got home I told my father all that I had learned and I had even kept an MRE for a souvenir to show my younger brother how it works.  Then to my surprise my father pulled out an MRE from his storage in the basement and said, “You’re looking at a part of your history and future.” I was very proud to experience something my father had experienced in his lifetime.

I enjoyed our trip to the Air National Guard Base, and would love to visit again. The trip to the ANG base was lots of fun and a great learning experience, I hope to tell everyone I know about my day and my experience.