Back to School: Be There. Stay There.

About this time of the year families begin their last ditch effort to catch a vacation.  With anticipation of the new school year just around the corner the ‘to-do list’ is filling up fast.  Those list include everything: new clothes, shoes, book bags, pencils, paper, notebooks, lunch box, the little extra pink eraser and let us not forget – a fresh haircut! However, over the years we seem to push to the bottom of the list the importance of one thing – attendance.  We can argue the importance of test scores, quality of one school vs another, the education, certification or tenure of a classroom teacher but we can not argue a universal truth.

Attendance Matters! You can not be educated if you are not present in the school building.

Studies show that young people who attend consistently do better academically, socially and have far less behavior issues.  The higher number of missed days the more likely the young person will drop out.  Together we can start young teaching the importance of attending school: to Be There and to Stay There.  This school year the Clubs will continue our effort by pushing our long standing policy No School=No Club.  When I was a kid and a neighbor, friend or another parent noticed I was not a school – the phone was ringing at home that evening.  Only for the fact that they too understood the value of being at school each day.  A community of people was looking out for my future.

The other “to-do list” items are important too!  You can help with those items by dropping off school supplies at any of our 4 Clubs, Staples or Micheal’s Stores in Bel Air.

This school year help us make sure young people are in school everyday, starting August 27 – Be There, Stay Here.  Academic Success is important piece to a Great Future!!


-Tim Wills