My journey as a Young Leader

My journey as a Young Leader by Joi

Being in the Young Leaders Academy (YLA) program has been a wonderful new experience for me. It has allowed me to meet new people my own age. Being a YLA has opened me up to new experiences. Such as learning how to work in retail by going to camp Old Navy, and learning how to prepare for an interview with our guest speaker Derren Thompson. Also being a YLA has allowed me to learn valuable lessons. For example I have learned to work with people I don’t like. Also I have learned to be responsible for m self and any mistakes I make.

Being a YLA is something all teenagers should experience. I say this because being a YLA teaches you to take initiative, responsibility, and be respectful. These are things most teenagers do not have today or were never taught.  That is why I think today’s  teenagers should be in the YLA program.   Being a YLA has its pros and cons.  Some pros are I get to hangout with little kids all day. Another pro is that I get to go on field trips, and my grandparents don’t have to pay weekly for me to come to the boys and girls club. Some cons are I constantly have to take kids of all ages to the bathroom. Also the kids can be very stubborn and the YLA’s have no power to punish them. However I do enjoy being a YLA and if I could do it all over again I would.


(The Young Leaders Academy is a teen career explorations program focused preparing youth for jobs in the future.  Through the program, teens have the opportunity to create a portfolio including a resume, cover letter, financial literacy and goals for the future.  During the summer months, they spend time shadowing Club professionals, visits to local companies and guest speakers. Great Futures is our long-range vision to expose youth to the possibilities of the world around you.)